Active Citizens Taking Direct Action For A Better World

Citizens For Action (CFA) is a non-profit initiative by a few inspired common people to inspire more citizens to get involved and serve our communities, society and nation.

There comes a time in affairs of a society when the only way out is to take Direct Action for ensuring good governance, safety, well-being and prosperity of its people.

Here is an illustrative list of actions that an Active Citizen may undertake:

Ensure Effective Governance in your area

Keep Your Area Clean

  • Segregate Waste in your house and encourage neighbors to do so by maintaining at least two separate bins in each home – one for for dry waste and one for wet waste
  • Make sure the segregated waste is getting properly collected in two separate bins in your neighborhood
  • Make the local Municipal officials accountable

Make Government Accountable

  • Use RTI (Right to Information Act) to ensure Good Governance: remove corruption and making sure government officials take necessary action.
  • Use various tools of advocacy and campaign like Public Interest Ligitations
  • Support, join, actively participate in groups like Public Interest Foundation (www.publicinterestfoundation.com)

Safety: Keep your home and neighborhood safe

  • In the backdrop of increasing crimes against children, women and senior citizens, it is critical to realize that YOU are responsible for the security of your home and neighborhood. Simply because, after death, you can not blame the government.
  • Know your neighbors, get involved in your neighborhood security system, report suspicious activity and do not allow criminal elements or any unscrupulous activity in your area.

Education: Create Next Generation Leaders

  • Begin TEACHING: this is the easiest option with maximum long-term beneficial impact.
  • Offer classes to kids of your domestic help, government schools, kids in nearby slums and so on
  • Volunteer for NGOs or begin a similar initiative in your area

Leadership: Enable Good Leadership in your community, city and nation

  • Vote: Make sure you and maximum people around you vote in each election
  • Make time and effort to
    • Find out about the best candidate in a specific election
    • Make sure the best candidate wins by galvanizing votes for the best candidate
    • Ensure at least one winnable good and honest person stands for election in a specific constituency
    • Develop winnable good and honest persons to stand for election in various constituency

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