Invitation to Urban Governance Internship

Citizens For Action (CFA) is a non-profit initiative by a few inspired common people to inspire more citizens to get involved and take ownership of their society and nation.

The Urban Governance Cell of CFA is conducting a survey in various regions of Delhi NCR to study the various constraints and challenges in the Waste Management Ecosystem of NCR region.

CFA is looking for about 3-5 interns to conduct a survey, analyse data and identify challenges and constraints in urban governance issues, community management and waste management processes of neighbourhoods.


  • Visit assigned localities and conduct interviews with various stakeholders
  • Record and analyse data collected
  • Submit a project report outlining various urban governance issues, challenges in community engagement and environmental sustainability of Waste Management ecosystem in neighbourhoods


  • Duration: 45-60 Days
  • About 4 weeks of survey
  • About 2 weeks of survey documentation and Data Analysis
  • About 2 weeks of Project Report compilation

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